Resume Tips

Does your resume need a little attention? Even if you think it doesn't, you may be surprised by the feedback you receive about your curriculum vitae along the way.

Click here for some useful tips to help you avoid common mistakes and sharpen your resume. You will also find several free sample resumes you can use as guides.

Interviewing Tips

Going into an interview without preparing yourself for the task at hand is like sending a soldier into the battlefield before going to boot camp...it just doesn't work! Make sure you don't become another unprepared casualty of the interview process.

Click here for a list of helpful tips to turn you into an interviewing pro.

Professional Career Consultation Services

Professional Resume Preparation
For the job seeker interested in going the extra mile, Global Careers offers a fee-based resume and cover letter enhancement service.

While not inexpensive -- fees generally start at about $150 -- this service can be very useful to individuals at any level of experience. Whether you are a seasoned executive who has not prepared a resume for some time, a new graduate just starting out, or a well-traveled professional looking to put a positive spin on your diverse experience, Global Careers' team of highly-qualified consultants can help you clearly communicate who you are and where you wish to go with your career.

Click here to contact a Global Careers counselor. Begin the consultation process today!

What you get:
  • Expert advice on the structure and content of your resume
  • A professionally-prepared resume and a personalized cover letter
  • 20 hard copies of your resume and cover letter on heavy-weight paper
  • A floppy disk containing copies of your resume and cover letter

  • Executive Career Consultation
    Are you a manager or executive who was recently laid off? Perhaps you are a senior level professional looking to take your career in a new direction. Through our network of experienced career counselors, Global Careers offers fee-based career consultation services to executives in need of professional advice.

    The consultants with whom we work are some of the best in the business and offer decades of combined experience in the outplacement and career transition arenas.

    Click here to contact an executive career consultant immediately.

    What we offer:
  • Personalized, post-termination counseling
  • Detailed evaluation of your skill set and credentials
  • Preparation of a professional resume and cover letter
  • Development of a proactive job search plan
  • Mock interview training
  • Regular follow up and tracking of your progress

  • Interview Preparation
    Do you have a very important interview looming on the horizon for which you just don't seem prepared? Perhaps you have read through a list of interviewing tips, you have studied the company inside and out, and you know you're a qualified candidate for the position in question, but still feel your communication skills are not where they need to be in order to achieve a successful outcome.

    If so, then perhaps Global Careers' professional interview preparation course is for you. Our skilled recruiting experts have interviewed thousands of candidates over the years and possess the experience it takes to make an average candidate into an interviewing pro.

    Click here to contact a Global Careers career coach today and receive a quote on our fees.

    What's included:
  • A one-on-one crash course in verbal communication
  • Mock interviews using several different scenarios
  • Tracking of your progress and a "final report" for you to keep

    Starting Your Own Business
    If you desire to start your own business you may want to talk to an accountant or attorney. Another alternative is to see the Company Corporation which is available through the link to the right.

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